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The Jewish Community Relations Bureau was formed in 1944, during the Holocaust and a time when American Jews and other minorities were discriminated against in housing, employment, and daily life. Jews in communities across the United States began organizing in order to help their Jewish brethren in Europe and promote justice for all. Eventually, these Jewish community councils around the country were linked under the umbrella organization of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.


Merging with the American Jewish Committee in 1991, the agency has continued its mission to work to ensure that no one stands alone for justice. Today, JCRB|AJC is the Kansas and Western Missouri Jewish Community's leading voice for equality and justice for all. JCRB|AJC is an advocacy organization that works on behalf of the entire community to eliminate racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism and discrimination, both locally and around the world, for those who have a voice and for those who do not. We stand alongside other minority groups when injustice occurs. By supporting others in the fight against prejudice, we have made friends and allies in the community. When JCRB|AJC rallied the community against the persecution of Soviet Jewry, other minority groups stood by our side.


JCRB|AJC advocates for Israel and her quest for peace by promoting awareness and education, and builds bridges with other ethnicities and religions by engaging in intergroup and interfaith dialogue and activities.

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