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The history of this organization is to stand up for social justice. Let’s not forget there was a time in this community when Jews, African-Americans and Hispanics could not live in certain areas, could not work in certain companies and were excluded from downtown clubs and most country clubs. I was part of the efforts of this organization to do something about this. We did it then and we do it now.


Bert Berkley, Past President



The JCRB|AJC has been a group we could count on for support, whether the issue was civil rights, human rights, human relations, or interfaith activity. Breaking down barriers, fighting prejudice and hate, we can always count on the JCRB|AJC to be out front on these kinds of issues.


Reverend Nelson “Fuzzy” Thompson*, President

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Kansas City, Missouri



We live in a very divided time and in a very divided world. The JCRB|AJC serves as a bridge between groups. The JCRB|AJC has always said, “We will build bridges with anybody who will build a bridge with us.” I’ve seen it again and again where they plant their firm foundation on one side of the chasm and begin to move toward the other side where we can come together and form a greater cohesive community.



Reverend Dr. Robert Lee Hill

Former Senior Pastor, Community Christian Church

Kansas City, Missouri



I think we are fooling ourselves if we think we don’t need each other. I ask the question, do brothers and sisters still need each other like they did years ago, and obviously the answer is yes.


Reverend Wallace Hartsfield, Sr.

Pastor Ermeritus, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church

Kansas City, Missouri


I looked to the JCRB|AJC for their good offices and the historical relationship between the Jewish community and the African–American community. It did add credibility to the relationship between the police department and the African-American community. It provided a framework which became the bridge that allowed us to work effectively with that part of the community.


John Douglass, Former Police Chief

Overland Park, Kansas


*Of Blessed Memory


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