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JCRB|AJC advocates for fairness, equality, and justice for all. We fight for the elimination of racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism wherever it arises. Since its founding, the JCRB|AJC has been committed to civil rights issues and has rallied alongside other minority groups in the face of injustice. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who seek full opportunity and an end to discrimination. We work on behalf of the entire community, for those who have a voice and those who do not.

JCRB|AJC takes a stand against genocide and speaks out against the atrocities occurring in Darfur. As an organization that started in response to the Holocaust, we understand that we cannot remain idle if we want to make the concept “never again” a reality. We promote awareness, education, and advocacy by holding panels and events, and contacting elected officials.

Contact us at 913-327-8126 if you have been the victim of a local hate crime or anti-Semitism.

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